The municipality of Elena combines a significant cultural and historical heritage, beautiful nature and preserved traditions. In the Elenski Balkan you can try a variety of ecologically clean products. Today, Elena is a city with a unique atmosphere and spirit, which is established as an attractive tourist destination.

In the southwestern edge of the city of Mezdra, on a high rocky hill overhanging the left bank of the Iskar River, a 70-century-old story is preserved, told today in the Kaleto Archaeological Complex. And only 9 km away. from Mezdra, in the village of Tsarevets, there is one of the oldest churches on the Balkan Peninsula – “St. Nicholas”.

Vrachan Misket is a medium-ripening, typically Bulgarian wine variety, growing most favorably in the Vrachan Balkan region. It is there, at the foot of the Veslets hill, that the massif with the “Vrachanski Misket” vineyard is located, owned by Vrachanska Temenuga EOOD.

“Imaginarika” Ltd. is a software company with a focus in the fields of augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), web-based products and mobile applications. During ITF Cultural Tourism they will present opportunities for the development of virtual tourist tours and restitutions.

During the exhibition, Algolex will also demonstrate wines from their cellar – Afuzov.

Welcome to Stara Zagora – the heart of Thrace! Both the city and the region will surprise you with their wealth of unsuspected historical and natural sights.

South Korea is a dream travel destination for many, an absolutely fantastic culture, a land of contrasts where modern technology and ancient Eastern traditions harmoniously combine into something quite unique in itself.

Petrich is a place blessed with incredible history, rich archeology and captivating natural features. The hot mineral springs in the area are a reminder of its former volcanic past. Every year new and new impressive archeological finds tell about the glorious past of Petrich Hollow.

Kyustendil is one of the few cities in Bulgaria with almost 2,000 years of continuous tradition that has withstood all the vicissitudes of history.

The picturesque town of Zlatograd is the southernmost town in Bulgaria, located near the border with Greece. The city has a number of cultural and natural attractions, thanks to which it is one of the preferred destinations for tourism in Bulgaria.